We humans are all about getting what we want. And that’s why we give small signals about the things on our minds. What if you could enable your customers to pick up these messages automatically and identify their future customers? That’s exactly what a Buyer Intent Indicator does.

Buyer intent is the outcome of one particular emotion: anticipation.
• Very strong positive anticipation in the message of a non-customer is a sign of buyer intent.

A Buyer Intent Indicator detects anticipation in text messages. For instance on call center data, site behavior, social media, reviews and emails. Besides that, it can determine the polarity of a message, allowing you to very specifically predict which action the author is going to take in terms of buyer intent.

Using the outcome of a Buyer Intent Indicator, you can enable your customers to persuade their customers to stay, or in fact give them a gentle push towards actually becoming a customer. Empower your customers to make the right decision, by presenting three different forms of insight:
• A generic view of current buyer intent
• The individual messages indicating buyer intent so you can interact
• An overview of buyer intent over time


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