The world is rapidly changing thanks to digital technologies.

Business are transforming along with it.

Join Ronald van Loon on his journey through the intelligent world, and have a deeper look into technological development that are shaping a world and transforming business.

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Ronald helps data driven companies generating business value with best of breed solutions and a hands-on approach. He has been recognized as one of the top 10 global influencers by DataConomy for predictive analytics, and by Klout for Data Science, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Mining and is guest author on leading Big Data sites, is speaker/chairman/panel member on national and international webinars and events and runs a successful series of webinar on Big Data and on Digital Transformation. He has been active in the data (process) management domain for more than 18 years, has founded multiple companies and is now director at a Data Consultancy company, leader in Big Data & data process management solutions. Broad interest in big data, data science, predictive analytics, business intelligence, customer experience and data mining. Feel free to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date on success stories.

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