The world is adapting and shaping around IoT technologies. In combination with 5G network connectivity, companies are preparing themselves for this constant shift to the progression of these technologies.

Network operators, telcos, and IoT companies are coming together to promote an ecosystem where customers can have great experiences with your brand. Companies can’t deliver this customer experience all by themselves. They cooperate with each other in an ecosystem of companies. A lot of the reliable, low latency IoT connections run on Telecom networks.

With IoT, everything can be connected and measured. If you can measure something, then you can make a lucrative businesses model with it. So there will be a ton of new opportunities and business models developing to monetize these IoT opportunities.

This new approach has to be supported with a BSS, or Business Support System. Think of a Business Support System as a program on your computer that you use to manage your business, and all parties in the ecosystem can work together. From point of sales, to billing, to managing customer experiences and feedback, a Business Support System manages everything.

Whether you are logging in as a Product Manager configuring and managing commercial aspects or a Business Configuration Engineer handling all technical aspects, this Business Support System is streamlined and user friendly, and you can design product offerings and calculate costs in real time.

Telcos are positioned to change the experience for App developers with an App Ecosystem all the way down to improving the experience for the user by giving them a seamless experience across platforms.

Telcos can fully benefit from using IoT to develop new technologies enabled by 5G network connectivity. A Business Support System is going to put the digital consumer at the center of their strategies, creating an ecosystem that is prioritizing the Customer Experience.


Ronald van Loon is a globally recognized Influencer and thought leader in Big Data, IoT, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Consultant and Advisory Board Member for leading professional training company Simplilearn, Director at Adversitement, an European data & analytics consultancy firm, frequent public speaker and webinar host. He has over 20 years of experience in driving new business startups towards realizing goals and increasing profitability in digital transformation efforts, and directing enterprise and SAAS software sales across diverse industries. As the founder of the Digital Transformation Institute, he collaborates with C-level executives from renowned organizations, and manages business engagements across the American and EU markets. His unique industry perspective and experience has extended to writing contributions across numerous leading sites such as The Guardian, Datafloq, ReadWrite and Data Science Central.

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